Cotton satin

Cotton satin is the most popular material used in the production of bedding, curtains and other home textiles. So, cotton satin - what is this fabric? The subtlety of the fabric, the way it is dyed, and even the resistance to fading - these points are important to clarify before buying. We offer cotton satin of the highest quality: our products have a valid safety certificate. The STANDARD 100 badge by OEKO-TEX guarantees that the fabric is completely safe in contact with the skin, even for allergy sufferers and children.

Satin what material is it?

Satin is a thick cotton fabric, durable, wear-resistant and very beautiful. Its softness and shine are often compared to silk, and its affordable price allows it to significantly expand its scope of application. Satin is often used for sewing bed linen, curtains, bedspreads and, of course, clothes. The material is not only beautiful and pleasant to the touch, but also has other valuable features: it does not shrink during washing, does not lose color brightness, does not cause irritation and allergies. Satin is a cotton fabric with a special thread weave. For this purpose, two threads are used: a denser one for the base and a thin twist - for the front side. There is one on the front for four weft threads.

Satin color

Such a fabric has several characteristics, such as a glossy color, including the lightness and smoothness of the satin fabric, which, thanks to its high wear resistance, lasts a long time. Cotton satin is perfect for children's bedding, because it is well suited for frequent washing. The first noticeable changes in the structure and appearance of the fabric appear only after 250-300 washes.

In addition, satin is completely safe for health. It does not cause skin irritation or allergic reactions, which makes it an ideal material for children. Satin has a low thermal conductivity, which contributes to maintaining a comfortable temperature in any weather.

Cotton satin: how to wash and care for this material?

Satin belongs to the category of noble fabrics, therefore we recommend it for the first washing at 40 ° C, and subsequent washing at 60 ° C. Despite its delicate texture, the material does not require special care. Satin does not crease, it drapes easily, which makes the fabric perfect for draperies and other decorative textiles. On average, satin is designed for 200-250 washes, only the fabric begins to lose its shine.