Panama Stretch

Elegant and Functional Panama Material 

Our exclusive Panama fabric stands out for its unparalleled versatility. With a weight of 150 g/m² and a width of 150 cm, it is characterized by its lightness, fully meeting diverse requirements. Made of 100% polyester, it ensures durability and ease of care. Its simplicity in maintenance combines practicality with a high standard of elegance. The specific weave of the Panama fabric guarantees its elasticity, similar to the properties of lycra, enhancing comfort and versatility. 

Application of Panama Stretch Fabric 

Thanks to its solid structure and elegant appearance, the Panama Stretch fabric has versatile applications. One of the key features of this material is its ability to maintain a flawless look. It is not only wrinkle-resistant and non-stretchable but also equipped with a double slot, effectively preventing tears and abrasions. The high weight of Panama Stretch further emphasizes its durability and resistance to mechanical damage. Therefore, it is indispensable not only in the production of medical clothing and hairdressing aprons but also excels in retail clothing, liturgical garments, jackets, skirts, trousers, and many other wardrobe elements. Its universality goes hand in hand with high quality, making it a stretch fabric that easily meets even the most demanding expectations in textiles. It's worth noting that it not only looks great but also maintains its elegant appearance even after multiple washings, making it a choice that is both stylish and practical. 

Panama Fabric for Home Decor and Special Occasions 

The Panama fabric is definitely a great decorative element in interior design and for organizing various events. Its high aesthetic values and durability make it a suitable choice for tablecloths, adding a touch of elegance to every meal. Whether planning a small family dinner or an elegant party, our tablecloths made of Panama Stretch fabric will provide the perfect backdrop. Besides, it's also an excellent fabric for creating covers and other accessories. The material can be machine washed at temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius. Thus, the Panama fabric can successfully be used as a material for tablecloths, as well as for various sewing projects and creating home textiles. 

Panama Fabric Tailored to Your Projects 

In our online fabric store, we commit to providing products and services of the highest quality. Panama Stretch is a fabric available in a variety of the most sought-after colors. From intense colors to subtle shades and delicate pastels. Feel the difference that high-quality 100% polyester material tailored to your needs can bring. Immerse yourself in the elegance and versatility of the fabric, creating projects that meet your requirements.