Minky fabric

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of our Minky fabrics. Our cotton shop-tkaniny.pl offers you a large selection of Minky fabrics, cotton safe for children, Minky blankets.

The name itself brings positive associations, and most importantly they are absolutely true. Soft, pleasant, fluffy, just Minky, that is Minky. Minky fabric is a very pleasant fabric, in contact with the skin, in touch. Minky is delicate, it is smooth, warm and lightweight. From the first touch, he leads the temptation to hug her and leave her alone. This is great material for baby products, both for infants and older children. Perfect as a blanket material. With Minky's blanket no child will want to part. It's also a good material for a pillow, a quilt, a toy, a dress, a baby mat, and many other baby products. The Minky fabric we offer is absolutely safe for children. It has a safety certificate used in the manufacture of dyes and other components. What other criteria should we follow when deciding on products for our children rather than safety? When deciding on our shop to buy Minky fabric you have a guarantee of high quality and safety. We offer a wide selection of Minky materials. In our online store you will find a large selection of Minky fabrics. Our Minky have a large grammage of 360g.