Cotton velor

New in our store is cotton velor, otherwise sheared. This elegant material is extremely soft to the touch like velvet. Velor fabric is very popular in tailoring. Customers appreciate its softness and high durability. In addition, the wide use makes the velor despite its exclusive appearance works in many different projects. A wide range of cotton velor colors is available in our store. Thanks to this, you have a large selection field and you can easily choose the perfect material from which to sew your dream designs! Look at the online store website, find cotton velor from the category and choose your ideal! You can sew original baby clothes or fashionable accessories from cotton velor that will complement any stylization. The end result will definitely be unforgettable and unique! See also other clothing materials, such as velvet, tulle and linen.

Clothing velor with cotton

The clothing velor available in our store consists of 80% natural cotton. Thanks to this, the fabric is very pleasant to the touch, ensuring high comfort of use. Cotton velor is characterized by softness, delicate gloss, as well as high durability, which is why it is so readily chosen in tailor projects. Velor fabric has a plush, soft and fluffy top layer, thanks to which it looks beautiful in the form of clothes and other products. You can easily use cotton velor for toys or decorative pillows. However, tracksuits or dresses made of velor look very elegant and original. The fabric impresses with a subtle gloss, which is why it gives the entire styling exclusivity. The soft and velvety texture is beautifully laid on the body, so wearing a velor is pure pleasure and great comfort!


Velor material

In our store you will only buy certified velor, because the health and safety of our clients are important to us. Taking care of your satisfaction, we offer only those fabrics of which high quality we are sure. That is why our clothing velor has the Oeko-Tex Certificate from the Textile Research Institute in Łódź. Certified fabrics meet as many as 100 detailed criteria confirming safety in contact with skin. Our terry fabric sheared meets all requirements, making it safe for all skin types - even the most delicate and sensitive, such as baby skin or allergy. Check the available patterns, buy the most beautiful fabrics - by the meter or in bulk and sew something original from them!