Muslin Double Gauze

Muslin Double Gauze cotton muslin has long been considered the most delicate and the most pleasant material! It is the highest quality premium class fabric created for the most demanding children's skin, ideally suited for sewing bedding, cute blankets or comfortable clothes! Muslin Double Gauze, which is in our offer, has a valid certificate "Safe for children", thanks to which our customers can safely and safely shop in our store. Double Gauze material consists of two thin and delicate layers. A characteristic feature is the convex, wavy muslin structure, which is created by small perforations. Muslin consists of 100% cotton, which is why it is natural and very delicate. The fabric is breathable, thanks to which it is not only a soft but also a practical proposal for sensitive baby's skin, ensuring the baby's body temperature is maintained! Thanks to the thermoregulatory function, muslin Double Gauze is a great proposition for the summer and transitional season. On warmer days, it cools down and protects the baby from the heat, while in a slightly cooler time it ensures that the right temperature for the child's body is maintained. Extremely soft fabric is ideal for sewing stylish blankets or delicate swaddles. The fabric is very airy, so it is great for airy clothes and accessories, such as dresses, skirts, or soft scarves and turbans! Muslin Double Gauze is also a fashionable item in the world of design and interior design. In our premium offer, we have many beautiful Double Gauze muslin colors, among which everyone will find the right shade for themselves to create decorative, pillows and bedspreads.