Cotton Canva

Embroidery canvas - what kind of fabric is it

What is it - Canvas? It is one of the types of fabrics most commonly used for embroidery. Canvas is a cotton material made of thick, densely woven threads with a plain weave. The cells are very clearly visible on it, which makes it easier to insert the needle and create future masterpieces.

Crafts are one of the most popular hobbies, but to make it really fun and easy, it's important to use the right materials. Embroidering requires not only high-quality threads, but also a carefully selected basic material - embroidery canvas. This material belongs to inexpensive and durable fabrics with a special weave in the form of squares and holes.

A special material for embroidery is the embroidery canvas

Now in our online store you will find this unique material for needlework. The canvas is usually made of cotton, but sometimes mixed materials are used in the production, mainly to add more decorativeness. The needle easily enters the holes of the material, and the transparent structure allows you to avoid errors when transferring the pattern. It is no coincidence that it is from this material that beginner embroiderers begin their knowledge of cross-stitch.

Canvas fabric - where does this fabric come from?

The name "canvas" comes from the French word for hemp. Initially, this fabric was obtained from hemp fibers, both in France and Russia. Then they started using cotton and linen threads. Now, for the manufacture of the canvas, material from any type of fabric is used, the main thing is that it has a characteristic thread interweaving - in the form of squares with holes.