Cotton 220cm

Check out the offer of cotton fabrics with non-standard dimensions, cotton fabric 220 cm is waiting for you. The store offers natural cotton fabrics of a quality composed of: 100% cotton! It is real love at great prices. Our fabrics are safe for children, confirmed by special OEKO-TEX certificates.


We care about the comfort of our customers, so in our offer you will find which one will get to sew the bedding! Profit more with 220 cm cotton: buying one running meter of 220 cm of material! Cotton for bedding 220 cm is a perfect material from which you can get a soft, pleasant to the touch and skin-safe set of bedding. You can sew a pillowcase and a quilt without unnecessary ends! In addition, this special type of fabric - cotton fabric with a width of 220 cm - has exceptional utility values: smoothness, lightness, eco-friendliness, high durability. Therefore also offering a choice of colors and patterns!


Are you fed up with the monotony of single-color bedding fabrics 220 cm wide? Now 220 cm bedding cotton is available in a variety of interesting designs, among which you will surely find something for yourself! Live colorfully and sleep ... also no less colorful: patterned cotton for bed linen buy now!


In our store you can find only raw materials and quality fabrics. That is why our 220 cm cotton also has the Oeko-Tex Certificate, issued by the Textile Research Institute in Łódź. This means that this particular material is safe for allergy sufferers and does not cause allergies, and is suitable for children - it can be used without any problems by the most popular. It consists of 100% cotton.

The bedding fabric from the cotton-fabric shop is an excellent material for both children and adults.