Looped knit

We offer a wide range of sweatshirt fabrics, which are available in many patterns and the most fashionable colors! Sweatshirt knit, also comfortable work as a "sweatshirt" for candidates for sewing their comfortable clothes as well as the more elegant women's clothing. The indulgence knitted fabric is smooth on one side, while the other is covered with small loops. The material is perfect for fashionable hats, chimneys, comfortable skirts and slightly warmer blouses. The sweatshirt fabric is light and airy, but what is important: it is not see-through.

Sweatshirt fabric: get to know its advantages!

Knitwear's strongest advantage is that it stretches well! Thanks to this, the sweatshirt fits very well and works in contact with the human skin, a sense of comfort and convenience. The sweatshirt fabric allowed for dream projects of comfortable and original clothes for yourself and for children. Cotton knitwear is a perfect material for the production of children's clothes and adult clothing: trousers, dresses, skirts, sweatshirts. Sweatshirt inherited the best features of cotton fabric, including durability, lightness and naturalness.

Loop sweatshirt - a safe fabric for children

By choosing a fabric from our offer, you can be sure that you give yourself and your loved ones the best - the looped sweatshirt is not in the direction! The material has the most important safety certificates, including Safe For Children and Safe For People Certificate! Our sweatshirt fabric does not irritate the delicate skin of a baby, nor is it a concern for people prone to allergies. Choose your favorite pattern or the color of a smooth fabric and create your dream design! Our sweatshirt fabric is the best clothing material and more, guaranteeing that it meets all the expectations of even the most demanding customers.