Medical fabrics

Medical cotton see our range of high-quality medical cotton for medical applications. Each fabric available in our store is characterized by high quality. Therefore, when you decide to shop with us, you get a fully valuable product with a guarantee of durability. Our priority is the satisfaction of our customers who care about fabrics that are safe for the skin.

In our store you will find a large selection of cotton fabrics. According to many people, 100% cotton is the best material available. First of all, because it is a natural fabric that is characterized by high strength and durability. It does not deteriorate quickly, and it retains its properties for a long time. Cotton is also a very versatile material and is widely used in tailoring. Natural cotton is a breathable and breathable material, so it provides great comfort during use. Therefore, it is perfect to sew baby clothes and rompers, as well as bedding or tablecloth. Perfect for handkerchiefs, hats, t-shirts and other necessary children's textiles, including duvet covers and pillows.

Cotton for masks

Wondering what to make cotton masks from, what is medical cotton? It is cotton for medical purposes, i.e. a type of cotton that is used to sew clothes for medical staff and not only, e.g. aprons. This material is made of 100% natural cotton, so it is ecological and safe. It shows anti-static properties and is also safe for the child's skin - the material breathes, providing high comfort. This is confirmed by the Oeko-Tex certificate.

In our store you will find medical cotton intended for medical applications and having the Oeko-Tex Certificate, which was awarded by the Textile Research Institute in Łódź. What does it mean? The certificate is granted to materials that meet over 100 research criteria, which must be taken into account for a textile product to be considered safe in accordance with Oeko-Tex standards. Our fabrics meet all these guidelines. This certificate guarantees the safety that is required in clothes intended for medical staff and children's clothes.

At Antex, you'll find primarily cotton fabrics that we've been selling for over 20 years. Caring for the nature and health of customers is extremely important to us, which is why our warehouse contains only high-quality materials. Cotton for medical applications can be sold both in bulk and by the meter. We acquire it only from proven manufacturers who, like us, care about the highest quality and safety. Good prices and efficient processing of your orders are the fruit of cooperation with the best producers.