folk pattern

We invite you to get acquainted with the wide offer of our fabrics - Łowickie designs, Łowicka cotton. Sklep offers a huge selection of cotton fabrics in motifs of Łowickie, perfect for sewing. Fabrics in the Lodz style carry a rich history, a human story. The models of the game were created in the absence of television, the Internet, without globalization. The Łowickie motif is a folk culture on the fabric, which can be moved in any configuration, in any accent, into its space. No other pattern yields such accurate associations, associations with history, and the work of human hands, with multicolored reality as the patterns are hunted. Folk costumes of Łowicz are undoubtedly one of the most colorful and interesting folk costumes in Poland. Embroidery, embroidering, traditional folk cuttings were the main way of spending leisure time among the women of Łowicz, who put their heart into their work. Dominant colors of the folk art of Łowicka were decisive colors, clear, such as green and red, thanks to which they achieved an effect that impresses and surprises to this day. Cotton trout is enjoying uninterrupted interest. Fabrics in the Świdic motifs today allow us to return to nature, to the subordinate life of the year, without haste, without preservatives and artificial additives. It is a colorful, joyful world with which to associate bare feet, women with red corals and long braids. A little of this world is worth moving into its modern reality, in order to at least partially give itself a chance for a moment of respite, joy, consent to the world and himself. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of fabrics in the Łowicz region, where each fabric tells its story and inspires its application.