glass microspheres

Glass balls - what is it?

Weight models differ from standard blankets and quilts. They are much heavier, which is actually their therapeutic effect. Thanks to this, the duvet keeps the warmth much better, gently compresses the body of the sleeping person, providing a sense of security and comfort, the imitation of hugging and a feeling of closeness, as in the arms of a loved one. The weight of the quilt is increased by a special filling material - glass granules. It is a unique, universal and ecological material that positively affects the physical and psycho-emotional state of a person.

Sensory blanket - what is it?

The weighted blanket acts as a sensory "trainer": it increases the flow of information to the brain from the touch and pressure receptors that are located on the surface and inside our body. In other words, it improves communication between two important types of receptors and the brain. Doctors say it improves proprioceptive feedback. The sensory blanket is a tool to get rid of stress, nervous tension and insomnia. Sleep disorders cause health problems: metabolic disorders, diseases of the cardiovascular system, constant irritability, decreased productivity. In contrast, deep pressure stimulation works for everyone. Restoring a reliable "communication channel" between the body and the brain leads to rapid positive changes.

How to adjust the dimensions of the sensory blanket?

It should be remembered that too much weight of the quilt may harm the user, especially if we are talking about children. The sewn quilt must match the height and weight of the person. It is recommended to use a sensory blanket weighing 10-15% of the child's body weight. Also, do not buy weighted blankets "exaggerated", that is, with excessive weight and size. Too large a duvet will not fulfill its functions, as part of its weight will be distributed to the sides. Before sewing such a quilt, it is best to take into account the child's height / size of clothes worn. For example, a child wears a size of 122 cm - a duvet 140 cm long will be suitable.

The advantage of a hand-sewn quilt is the possibility of perfect adjustment of its dimensions to the individual dimensions of human weight and height. A well-fitted sensory blanket for a child should serve 1-2 years, until it is too small or too light for the child's weight. Sensory blankets sewn for an adult can serve for many years.