We invite you to familiarize yourself with the unlimited offer of our fabrics. Shop offers a wide selection of cotton fabrics, patterned fabrics, perfect for sewing.

In our shop we offer high quality patterned fabrics in a variety of colors. Cotton certified by OEKO-TEX for children. This fabric is perfect for children. Blankets, quilts, which are made of patterned cotton in addition to aesthetic experience provide safety. This fabric is safe for children.

Our online fabric shop offers you the largest selection of cotton fabrics. Patterned cotton is of particular importance to us because it has unlimited usability. In fact, in which more and more shopping malls are taking over us, and in them network stores, each of which looks very similar, cotton patterned, cotton printed as a rescue when we want to emphasize its distinctiveness. Patterned cotton is perfect for sewing unique clothes. It is perfect for creating complete creations like dresses, but it's also the perfect solution for shawls, hats and scarves. Colorful, uncluttered, multi-dimensional cotton fabrics are also great for children's wear or as a decorative accessory for their room. These can be colored pillowcases, subtle linen, decisive bedspreads. Printed cotton works great as a decorative material on the wall in a baby room, or as a fun, unconventional curtain. Patterned cotton can also be used as a finishing element for whole residential areas, not only for the youngest. In the era of modern, unique interior design, it is difficult to imagine a house, an apartment, or a hotel room without a definite accent. This effect is achieved by the patterned fabric. Interesting design accents give each space an individual character, unique style. Patterned fabrics are the perfect sewing material.


  • small patterns

    Fabrics patterned small and fine patterns - Cotton and colorful materials. Wholesale woven fabrics warsaw. Fabrics patterned small and fine patterns. Patterns for children, cotton material online shop.

  • large patterns

    Cotton fabric - Cotton large designs, Cotton fabrics. Patterns for children, fabric shop. Cheap cotton, baby cotton fabric, cheap fabric for meters, cotton shop online. Hurtownia Tkanin Warszawa - Sale from 1 meter. Cotton patterned

  • geometric figure

    Cotton geometric patterns. Cotton fabrics with geometric patterns. Good quality. Lots of patterns. Patterned cotton, patterns for children. Fabric in geometric patterns. Sales on meters, low prices, cheap cotton. Good quality material.

  • Spots & Dots

    Buy fabric, cotton spots, polka dots, online store dots. Material in dots. Cotton cloth in spots. Material in spots. Cotton fabric - spots.

  • stars

    Cotton fabric fabric shop Stars, stars, stars online shop online shop. Baby cotton designs, baby safe, top quality. 100% Cotton.

  • Checkered

    Checkered fabric, grating on the meter. Cotton grille, checkerboard, grille material. Woven fabrics. Fabric store, wholesale of textiles. Cotton patterned lot of designs. Highest quality material.

  • flowers

    Cotton fabrics "Flowers", Flower material. Fabric store flower patterns. Cotton patterned online shop, cotton flowers. Fabric Wholesale Warsaw.

  • Fruits

    Cotton Fruit - fabric. Decorative fabrics Vegetables & Fruits. Cotton fruit with meters. Cotton colored fabric for children. Fast shipping, sales from 1 meter. Wholesale Warsaw.

  • Stripes

    Cotton cloth in the line, striped, stripes, striped online shop. Cotton 100% fabric shop, cotton wholesaler. Cotton fabrics for children. Wide variety of materials Cotton in stripes, lines.

  • patchwork

    Patchwork fabrics, wide selection, fabric ideal for patchowork. Patchowork is a freedom of creation. He rules only for himself. What is the end result is the tailor's imagination. Here is no schematic, template, patchowrk gives freedom. Only what we need is a co-operating fabric, many fabrics. We give them all, we give the fabric the perfect patchwork in the hands of a good marshal. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of our fabrics, which are perfect for patchwork. Here the fabric performs every command, flawlessly. Shop offers a huge selection of fabrics, perfect for sewing.

  • Feathers

    Cotton colored feather, feather, cotton bed linen, fabric shop. Cotton fabric ideal for bed sheets, dresses, decorations and patchwork. 100% cotton safe for children. Cotton fabric a lot of patterns online shop with textiles, wholesale Warsaw.

  • vehicles

    Cotton vehicles: cars, cars, train, plane, bike, ship. Cheap cotton online store. Patterns for children, safe material for children, the highest quality - 100% cotton. Cotton fabric baby designs.

  • Dogs & Cats

    Cotton patterned Fabric patterns: dog, cat. Cotton 100% top quality, safe for children. Online shop with fabrics. Cotton colored dogs and cats for children.

  • Birds & owls

    Cotton colored pigeons, birds, cotton leggings, cotton shop. Baby cotton colorful birds, blue beaks, beige owls, green birds. Baby cotton, patterned cotton. Wholesale fabrics, Fabrics, cotton, cheap

  • hearts

    Cotton fabrics of various applications, cotton in the heart, fabric of hearts, cotton fabrics online shop, cotton patterned. Fabrics in hearts, Fabrics for hearts, hearts. Fabric in hearts

  • patterns for children

    Safely baby cotton fabric, high weight, low price. Cotton tannins with designs for children in the online store. We are a fabric wholesaler with the possibility of purchasing for individual customers. 100% cotton, cotton patterned choice, top quality, cheap, fabric patterns - cotton material for children.

  • theme sailors

    Cotton marine motifs fabric. Sailor patterned Fabrics with marine motif, nautical designs, anchors online shop. Cotton sea style, marine fabrics, marine fabrics.

  • christmas pattern

  • Złocone i połyskujące

  • folk pattern

    We invite you to get acquainted with the wide offer of our fabrics - Łowickie designs, Łowicka cotton. Sklep offers a huge selection of cotton fabrics in motifs of Łowickie, perfect for sewing. Fabrics in the Lodz style carry a rich history, a human story. The models of the game were created in the absence of television, the Internet, without globalization. The Łowickie motif is a folk culture on the fabric, which can be moved in any configuration, in any accent, into its space. No other pattern yields such accurate associations, associations with history, and the work of human hands, with multicolored reality as the patterns are hunted. Folk costumes of Łowicz are undoubtedly one of the most colorful and interesting folk costumes in Poland. Embroidery, embroidering, traditional folk cuttings were the main way of spending leisure time among the women of Łowicz, who put their heart into their work. Dominant colors of the folk art of Łowicka were decisive colors, clear, such as green and red, thanks to which they achieved an effect that impresses and surprises to this day. Cotton trout is enjoying uninterrupted interest. Fabrics in the Świdic motifs today allow us to return to nature, to the subordinate life of the year, without haste, without preservatives and artificial additives. It is a colorful, joyful world with which to associate bare feet, women with red corals and long braids. A little of this world is worth moving into its modern reality, in order to at least partially give itself a chance for a moment of respite, joy, consent to the world and himself. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our wide range of fabrics in the Łowicz region, where each fabric tells its story and inspires its application.

  • animals

    Cotton fabric For children. Cotton Fabric Fabric Store: Animals, zoo - Cotton 100% online shop. Cotton animals sell from 1 meter. High weight, low price, high durability.

  • ZigZags

    Cotton fabric zigzag, cotton, cotton, chevron, zigzag, zigzag material, Chevron fabric. Baby cotton online shop with fabrics. Very good quality cotton, a large selection of colors. Cotton fabrics wholesale

  • leftovers of fabrics

  • shiny gold

    The highest quality cotton material, now also available in the premium version - with unique, gilded decorations! Glitter gildings were applied to the colored patterns. Thanks to this, the material is even more unique, decorating your interior beautifully! The shimmering details on the fabric will appeal to everyone, especially to the youngest customers! Their gold-plated details will attract attention and make every heart feel.

    A collection of gold-plated fabric is a series of charming fairy-tale designs that will surely love little ones! Among them: cute pandas, unicorns, or mysterious owls, and all these animals in many beautiful patterns! The materials can be successfully used to create beautiful accessories for children and more. They can create adorable toys or otulacze, and in combination with the soft Minky material, wonderful blankets and quilts!

  • Clouds

    Children's Fabrics Cotton Children's Clouds, Various Patterns Children's Fabrics online store. Various designs Children's clothing online shop. Fabrics for children wholesale and online shop.

  • Antibacterial cotton

    Antibacterial fabric

    Antibacterial fabric that you will find in our store and many different fabrics with wide application. The materials we offer are of the highest quality, and buying from us you get a guarantee that the material will last for many years. The priority for us is the comfort and satisfaction of all customers who care about fabrics that are safe in contact with the skin. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of high quality cotton fabric with an antibacterial finish..


    Cotton with an antibacterial finish

    Cotton with an antibacterial finish is new to the Cotton-Fabrics shop. It is 100% cotton containing a chemical agent with high antibacterial and fungicidal properties. This is confirmed by tests carried out by the Laboratory of Textile Research of Medical Devices. This type of fabric is primarily characterized by hygienic freshness, because the agent inhibits the growth of both bacteria and fungi. This reduces the formation of an unpleasant odor caused by the multiplication of bacteria. This has a significant impact on health and hygiene, especially in products that have permanent contact with the skin..


    100% Cotton 


    It is worth knowing that cotton is a very popular and popular choice - it is considered one of the best materials that can be found on the market. Why? 100% cotton is characterized by high durability and durability during use for years. It is a natural material that retains its properties for a long time, so you can enjoy its appearance longer. We proudly boast about 20 years of experience in the sale of cotton fabrics. During this time we have learned that the most important is health and customer satisfaction. That is why we collect and sell only high-quality materials in our warehouse. Cotton with antibacterial properties, sold both in bulk and by the meter, is obtained from the best proven producers who adhere to the same values ​​as we do - focus on quality and safety. Cooperation with proven producers also brings benefits in the form of the best prices and efficient shipping. 

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Showing 1 - 50 of 1613 items

Wholesale cotton fabrics, online store with Cotton and Minky fabric

We know how important trust is, which is based on the certainty that the offered product meets your expectations, that's why our online store with fabrics and fabric wholesaler offers only carefully selected fabrics, top quality fabrics, cotton fabrics, Minky fabrics, safe fabrics, fabrics certified, non-allergic. Quality that has built the trust of our clients.

Wholesale cotton fabrics safe for children

Regardless of whether you are interested in bedclothes, towels, pillows, quilts, fillings, bedspreads or blankets, our textile shop offers you high quality products. These fabrics are durable, functional, fabrics pleasant to touch, and above all safe for you, and most importantly, fabrics that are safe for children. We are also parents. We care about the safety of customers and we offer fabrics safe for the child. We make every effort to ensure that our fabrics are unique, colorful, unique, with a surprising design. Usable values are one thing, and aesthetic issues are the other. We have it. We made sure that our fabrics provided emotions, so that you could rest with them, wrap them around so that your children would fall asleep with them with a smile, that they would be of high quality and at the same time pleasant to use, safe for you, fabrics safe for children, for your children.

Fabrics like Minky cotton and many more

We want our fabrics to be with you for many years, and the richness of designs we offer is to meet every taste, adults and children. In our assortment you can find: Minky fabrics, cotton fabrics, knitted fabrics, velvet, cotton bedding, printed cotton, premium fleece, wool, curtain fabrics, velour, artificial fur, conference cloths, and many more. We specialize in the sale of bedding, blankets and pillows. We offer you extremely absorbent and tasteful towels, also available in beautiful sets, which design will appeal to everyone, an adult and a child. Exiting the bath will be more pleasant.

Online store with fabrics

We make every effort to ensure that our online store with fabrics guarantees satisfying, fast and perfectly safe shopping. And that's what they are. A very large selection of fabrics will allow you to find fabrics that will suit you.