Cotton Prints

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the unlimited offer of our fabrics. Shop offers a wide selection of cotton fabrics, patterned fabrics, perfect for sewing.

In our shop we offer high quality patterned fabrics in a variety of colors. Cotton certified by OEKO-TEX for children. This fabric is perfect for children. Blankets, quilts, which are made of patterned cotton in addition to aesthetic experience provide safety. This fabric is safe for children.

Our online fabric shop offers you the largest selection of cotton fabrics. Patterned cotton is of particular importance to us because it has unlimited usability. In fact, in which more and more shopping malls are taking over us, and in them network stores, each of which looks very similar, cotton patterned, cotton printed as a rescue when we want to emphasize its distinctiveness. Patterned cotton is perfect for sewing unique clothes. It is perfect for creating complete creations like dresses, but it's also the perfect solution for shawls, hats and scarves. Colorful, uncluttered, multi-dimensional cotton fabrics are also great for children's wear or as a decorative accessory for their room. These can be colored pillowcases, subtle linen, decisive bedspreads. Printed cotton works great as a decorative material on the wall in a baby room, or as a fun, unconventional curtain. Patterned cotton can also be used as a finishing element for whole residential areas, not only for the youngest. In the era of modern, unique interior design, it is difficult to imagine a house, an apartment, or a hotel room without a definite accent. This effect is achieved by the patterned fabric. Interesting design accents give each space an individual character, unique style. Patterned fabrics are the perfect sewing material.