Cotton tetra

Tetra is a cotton fabric with a loose weave. In ancient times, the material was used by Egyptians for sewing wedding dresses, which is not surprising because the fabric, considering those conditions, could turn out to be the best solution thanks to its characteristics. Why? Tetra is extremely delicate, and thanks to its structure it allows air to pass through, which makes it an extremely airy fabric.

Currently, tetra is most often used for the production of cotton diapers for children, scarves and blankets. Thanks to its natural composition, tetra effectively cares for the delicate and sensitive skin of the baby, giving comfort and freedom in everyday use! Remember that tetra is not only diapers, it has many uses - it can be used as a washcloth, petticoat or a towel to dry a child's mouth! It depends on us how we use the potential of the fabric.

Delicate cotton fabric with a natural composition will satisfy anyone who is looking for the right material for their child. The material is safe for children and its properties are ideal for use by the youngest. Tetra can be successfully used even by newborns. In addition, the material is eagerly used for sewing comfortable petticoats, napkins and other accessories for children and more.