We invite you to get acquainted with the extensive offer of our cotton fabrics. Sklep offers a wide selection of fabrics.

Cotton fabrics are of great importance for us. This natural fiber deserves our recognition, our untamed admiration and respect for many reasons. Cotton fabric is natural and therefore safe and true. Do you know that cotton is also used for coffee filters or dressings? This ensures that it is safe for the skin and health of every person. This fabric is safe for children.

It is airy, soft and pleasant to the touch, and the possibilities of its use are infinite. Cotton fabric is perfect for blouses, trousers, dresses, skirts or jackets, but it's also great for working clothes and uniforms. It's not the end of its use. It is difficult to imagine linen in a different fabric than cotton fabric. Cotton fabric is a perfect material for bed linen, as almost everyone knows. Our web shop with cotton fabrics offers you a wide selection of fabrics for any production process. We also have to offer you a range of ready-made cotton products.

In our offer, we give you only high quality fabrics, including: Velvet, Minky, Wool, Fleece, Insulated, Flags, Survival, Velor, Waterproof fabric, Flax, Flannel, Lining, Dress, Doodon, Dress Cotton Linen, Denim, Bedspread, Cotton Linen, Tulle.


  • Velvet

    The velvet offered by us is characterized by the highest quality of workmanship which guarantees quality. The material is soft and stretchable. It is characterized by high strength. It is easy to maintain cleanliness, has versatile application.

  • Cotton bedding

    In our shop you can find the highest quality cotton fabrics. A wide range of attractive designs are available, such as flowers, peas, stars, zigzags and bicycles. In addition, customers can choose from a rich palette of saturated colors. We offer 100% cotton which is completely safe for children and complies with the standard of Öko-Tex Standard 100 IW00104. Excellent for sewing sheets, pillowcases or sheets. Decorative materials of cotton (75%) and polyester (25%) and patchwork cotton are also sold.

  • Dederon

    Dederon - polyester fabric, used for sewing aprons for years, very practical in use. Lining fabrics dederon,

  • Drill fabric

    Drill fabric Very durable and thick fabric. Denim fabric - Patterns, 100% cotton. Weight: 235 g / m2. Different colors available in our offer. Denim online store wholesale fabric.

  • For children

    Our children's webshop offers a very wide range of fabrics, velvet, cotton, cloth, children's clothing. Material is cotton safe for children. Our baby cotton is recommended as a sewing material such as baby bedding, pillows, pillows. Fabrics FOR CHILDREN - safe for children, top quality workmanship. Materials for children. Cotton patterned, material store. MANY PATTERNS FOR CHILDREN.

  • Jute

  • Flannel

    Flannel - soft and light cotton or woolen fabric. Flannel and cotton fabrics for meters online store Warsaw. Flannel fabrics - low prices, large selection of colors. Immediate dispatch by courier. Enjoy your shopping.

  • Flags

    Huge selection of fabrics and accessories. Flag fabrics, Online Shop Fabrics, flags, cotton patterned. Fabric for flags, flag material, flag fabrics, fabric for the flag, fabric shop. Fabric for flags "flag". Wholesale of textiles and clothing online shop Warsaw

  • Linen

    Linen - Fabrics shop online. Fabric Wholesale Warsaw offers wool, linen, wool on meters, wool from cotton. Flax shop in Warsaw, fast shipping. Different colors in offer, top quality. Low prices.

  • Insulation Fabric

    Insulations and Fillings, Insulating Wraps Online Shop with Fabrics. Cotton patchwork patch padding. Online store with fabrics, cotton for children, blanket warmth, velvet, liners, fillings, silicone ball.

  • Linning

    Polyester lining various colors, white, black other colors. Ideal for dressmakers and skirts. Our fabric wholesalers have a very wide offer of lining in constant sales.

  • Baize

    Baize - woolen fabric. Shop and wholesale of textiles Warsaw, we sell cloth, different colors. Sales on the meter. Goods available in stock, instant shipping. Online shop with cloth cloth for conference tables, fabric for tablecloth. Baize conferencial,

  • Fleece

    Polar knitwear. Highest quality - lowest prices. Wholesale, online store. Full color set. The store also offers other fabrics than fleece. Polar cotton. Polar at a good price. Fleece Fabrics, Fabric Wholesale. Fabric store. Buy Online, Fast Shipping. Full color set.

  • Sun Lounger fabric

    Sunbed fabrics belong to a group of durable materials characterized by: tear resistance, interesting appearance (various patterns). Sun loungers, sun loungers PATTERNS very robust online store. 100% COTTON. Fabric Wholesale Warsaw - online store.

  • Calico Fabric

    Online shop with fabrics. Raw cotton, cotton yarn. Warsaw - Cotton raw fabrics - Cotton raw cotton. Wholesale fabric, fabric shop. Patchwork material. Best price. Cotton wool meter, organic cotton, raw fabric.

  • Chiffon fabric

    Zapraszamy do zapoznania się z naszą ofertą, najwyższej jakości szyfonu. Jest to lekki i cienki materiał, który szybko przyciąga uwagę każdego. Delikatna tkanina dekoracyjna z włókna syntetycznego, charakteryzuje się dużą zwiewnością. To właśnie dzięki temu chętnie wykorzystywany jest przede wszystkim w branży odzieżowej do szycia subtelnych sukienek i spódnic, do konfesji damskiej jak i dla małych księżniczek! Leisty, miękki materiał bardzo łatwo się układa, sprzyjając szyciu subtelnych, wielowarstwowych projektów. 

  • Decorative tulle

    Tulle decorative lightweight fabric, rigid, strong, durable. Sales on the meter. Many Colours. Good quality. Online Shop with Fabrics Warsaw. Wholesale fabric.

  • Cotton tetra

  • Waterproof fabric

    Waterproof and durable fabric. Waterproof fabrics Warsaw. Online shop with fabrics. Fabrics for tents, POLYESTER Fabrics. Sun-lounger fabric. Fabrics for tents online shop.

  • Velvet

  • Velours

    Velour - a wholesale of textiles. Rich color range. Low prices, Large selection of fabrics. Velour is a smooth or patterned fabric. Cotton patterned fast shipping. Also available in other fabrics. Velour sold on meters.

  • Wool

    In our offer you will find a wide selection of Wool, various patterns and colors. Immediate courier delivery.

  • Cotton fabric for pillow

  • Curtain Fabric

    Curtain fabrics, curtains on meters. Fabric weight 200g / m2. Composition: 75% cotton, 25% polyester. High-quality materials for curtains. Online store with fabrics, curtain fabrics, curtains, curtains. Curtain fabrics online shop. Shop and Fabric Wholesale Warsaw

  • seersucker

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Showing 1 - 50 of 1747 items