Linen with viscose

Linen with viscose what is the fabric?

Viscose is a natural fabric synthesised by artificial means from natural raw materials (cellulose). In its original form, viscose is smooth with a pleasant sheen, but with the addition of flax fibre it dulls and acquires an interesting texture. You can buy linen with viscose in our fabric shop Bawelna-tkaniny - the range includes dozens of colour variants and the prices will pleasantly surprise you. The main advantage of linen with viscose is that it is a 100% natural and body-friendly fabric.

Linen viscose fabric: advantages and disadvantages

The fabric "breathes" perfectly - It is ideal for sewing airy summer dresses, blouses and nightgowns. Linen with viscose is a fabric that is able to absorb moisture well - because of this property it is often used in the production of home textiles. The addition of viscose to linen makes clothes made from this fabric easy and pleasant to iron, often such products do not need to be smoothed at all. This is a unique solution to the typical disadvantage of linen garments, which always wrinkle when worn and are difficult to iron. Natural linen combined with viscose does not lose its aesthetic qualities, such a material spreads well on the body and fits perfectly, which certainly makes products made of this fabric more attractive.

Viscose, like linen, is extremely dirt-resistant and does not electrify, making it suitable for sewing children's clothing geared towards outdoor activities. When combined with linen, viscose fibre becomes more durable, extending the life of finished products made from this fabric.

Fabric for summer clothes: linen with viscose

In the summer heat, dresses made from linen with viscose are simply irreplaceable. This light and airy garment will become a natural 'clique' for your body, the air flows easily through the natural fabric and keeps you feeling fresh even on the hottest days. On the other hand, linen clothes for obese people, as well as for anyone who can hardly stand the heat, including young children, become a 'life buoy' in the hot season. Viscose dresses are much lighter than similar dresses made of cotton or pure linen. Only approved clothing fabrics are available in our shop, which are safe for allergy-prone people and children. The unique linen fabric with viscose is an excellent option for sewing clothes, from this fabric you will sew airy blouses and skirts, summer trousers and shorts, blouses, T-shirts or even more party, elegant dresses or suits. Feel free to shop in our fabric shop!