Viscose natural material

Viscose - what is it? The ultimate wardrobe base and one of our most popular fabrics! It is the highest quality lightweight and breathable viscose: an artificial clothing fabric of natural origin. What does it mean? Viscose contains natural cellulose fibers, thanks to which it has a number of unique technical properties. The fabric is breathable, has thermoregulatory properties, is hypoallergenic and safe in contact with the skin, it looks and fits in a unique way, it is flowing and slightly shiny. Depending on the processing technology, it can obtain any structure and color, and can visually imitate silk, cotton, linen or wool. This makes it a perfect fabric for summer. Airy viscose dress is sure to catch the eye! Where to buy viscose fabric in Warsaw? In our store's offer you will find many different colors of the fabric. We carry out wholesale and retail sale: viscose by the meter.

Clothing viscose

It is difficult to overestimate the popularity and demand for viscose. Viscose fabric is most often used for sewing women's and children's clothing. This fabric is used to make light, airy blouses, dresses and skirts for the summer. The viscose fabric drapes beautifully and is flowing, maintaining an attractive appearance. Viscose clothes have not gone out of fashion for many years, elegant viscose creations can be found in the collections of famous designers and seen at leading fashion shows. Viscose is also used for mass production of children and home - bathrobes, pajamas, home accessories.

Viscose fabric for summer

Viscose is a very delicate fabric, so the care process looks quite complicated and requires more effort. First of all, it is recommended to steaming the viscose fabric before starting sewing. The steaming process for viscose is the same, i.e. wash the fabric in warm water or iron it in silk mode. Viscose is machine washable, but you should avoid aggressive detergents and bleaches. To avoid creasing while spinning viscose products, it is recommended to spin at low speed or by hand, lightly squeeze out excess water from the product and leave it in a horizontal position until it is completely dry. It is best to iron the viscose at low temperatures (silk mode) when the fabric is slightly damp or through a cloth. It is not recommended to dry viscose in tumble dryers.