Muslin Double Gauze - print

What is Muslin Double Gauze?

Double gauze is a light, soft and slightly airy fabric. It is made of two thin layers of cotton that are sewn at regular intervals. These stitches create light embossing all over the fabric. Because two layers of fabric are woven together, making the fabric fleshy and slightly thicker than regular cotton muslin. Widely used in women's, men's and children's clothing, Double Gauze muslin is especially popular in spring, summer and fall for its breathability and breathability, but also in winter for its coziness and high heat retention. Double gauze is now used in all branches of the textile industry: home linen, children's accessories, clothing and decorations.

Double Gauze printed muslin - patterns

New in our store: Your favorite Double Gauze muslin in a new, patterned version! The highest quality digital printing allows you to use this material for various purposes without worrying about the durability of the pattern. Only safe pigments and certified dyes are used for production, which is why Double Gauze with patterns is Oeko-Tex certified. We have many interesting and charming patterns, most of them will win the hearts of our smallest customers: muslin with giraffes, stars, horses, swans and other children's patterns. Check the available designs and order from 1 meter!

How to sew Double Gauze muslin?

Different designs require different fabrics and different fabrics require different techniques. Double Gauze is no exception. Double gauze is perfect for summer, casual clothes and accessories as well as children's accessories. Once you get used to its unique structure, you'll be sewing like a professional in no time.

Double cotton gauze can be used for sewing baby scarves, duvets, baby clothes, baby accessories and more. Double Gauze muslin can also be used in the production of women's and men's garments, such as beach pants, tops, bathrobes, scarves, dresses and blouses.