We present our new fabric in the store - damask made of 100% cotton! It enjoys unflagging popularity for many years, because it was made already 2,000 years ago! We can safely say that it is synonymous with quality and wealth. What makes damask such a valuable material? Damask is above all strong and durable with a special weaving weave that gives it a noble look.


Damask - what is this fabric?


Damask is a jacquard fabric with a pattern on both sides - most often in one color, although sometimes you can also find multi-colored damasks. What does damask look like? The most distinctive feature of this material is its jacquard - i.e. patterned and slightly convex - structure. It is obtained with a special warp or weft weave that creates a flattened composition. The fabric made in this way has characteristic matte or glossy patterns.


Damask by the meter in many interesting colors is available in our online store. You will find here mainly single-colored damask in light pastel shades such as pink, blue, white or green. Thanks to this, the material looks very elegant and noble, so it is perfect as a fabric for bedding or tablecloth. Check available colors!


Cotton damask


As a fabric wholesaler with over 20 years of experience, we focus on high quality materials and their safety in contact with skin. Therefore, the cotton damask sold by us by the meter was made of 100% cotton


Above all, we value our customers' satisfaction. That is why we obtain all materials only from proven producers who adhere to the same values ​​as we do. We want to provide you with the highest quality fabrics for both bedding, clothes and other decorations. In our store you will buy high-quality damask by the meter, which is waiting for your projects!