Minky premium Herringbone 380g / m2

Minky herringbone

Minky is a material unique in its functionality. Minky is a stretchy and flexible material, manufactured using the latest technologies. It has ultra-thin synthetic fibers, thanks to which it is no longer an ordinary polyester fabric. The synthetic fiber used to produce our herringbone Minky is even several dozen times thinner than a human hair. Thanks to this, the Minky fleece is soft and light as a feather and has gained exceptional breathability. It is very pleasant to the touch and cozy. Minky also has a very important feature necessary for the production of children's products - it is 100% hypoallergenic. In our offer, minky comes in several different patterns: minky with polka dots, classic plain, and now minky in a new version. New: Minky Herringbone! Stylish and cute material comes in many beautiful colors. In our store, we present Minky in pastel colors and more bright colors.

Polar Minky Herringbone - what is it? Minky buy now!

What is special about this name? This is a sensational material that leads the market of children's products. Blankets are the most popular Minky product. Following this lead, it is eagerly used for sewing pillows, cot bumpers, organizers, accessories for a pram, cuddly toys and stuffed animals ... The interest in this product cannot be ignored also in the clothing industry! Sweatshirts, hats, tracksuits, bathrobes, home and children's clothes - we will sew everything with Minky, you just need to choose the right weight. Our Minky herringbone is a very durable and durable material, it looks great even after many washes and does not lose its properties. The Minky herringbone pattern is an original, rare version of your favorite material - in our store you will find it! This is especially true of the heavier Minky: 380g / m2 is a great choice! Products made of Minky will serve you for years!

Minky Premium for children. Buy minky for a blanket now

Polar Minky fabric - products made of this material are widely used regardless of the season, they will serve all year round. In the autumn and winter season, use Minky with a higher grammage. Minky 380g / m2 guarantees warmth and comfort for the toddler. However, in summer, Minky products will not overheat the child. The Minky blanket in the summer season will be irreplaceable during morning and evening walks, as a cover after a baby's bath, or as a traditional covering for a small child. The dimensions of our Minky allow you to easily sew a 75 cm x 100 cm blanket - the perfect size for a baby's cover. Fleece and Minky by nature do not shrink and do not deform after washing, they remain extremely fluffy and soft. But it is always worth taking care of the sterility of the material and washing it before sewing to thoroughly remove all dirt and dust. On the other hand, it's not so easy to get Minky dirty. Polar Minky, like every intelligent Polar, perfectly repels stains and moisture, which additionally strengthens it in the position of a perfect fabric for children.