Interlock Knit fabric

Discover the interlock knitwear offered in our store and choose your favorite pattern! Interlock is very popular especially as clothing material - customers praise its softness and airiness. It is also very pleasant to the touch, so it is perfect for clothes. The highest quality cotton interlock material will provide you with everyday comfort.

Interlock knit fabric

The interlock material was created for everyday use. Its texture is pleasant to the touch, and it is light, soft and breathable material, so it works great in the summer. It also has hygroscopic properties, so wearing it every day is a pleasure! Two-piece cotton knitwear is also valued because it fits perfectly on the body.

Thanks to its unique properties, interlock is perfect for sewing t-shirts, pajamas, skirts and dresses. With interlock knitwear you can sew extremely comfortable clothes in casual or sports style.

The interlock fabric offered in our store is a two-bearing fabric with such a weave on both sides. Thanks to this, it is slightly stretchy and does not see through. Interlock is available in various interesting designs, so you will definitely find something for yourself!

Interlock with Oeko-Tex certificate

In our store you will find only certified fabrics of the highest quality. That is why the interlock fabric has the Oeko-Tex Certificate, which was awarded by the Textile Research Institute in Łódź. The certificate confirms safety in contact with skin. The material is therefore safe for allergy sufferers and is not allergic - it can be used by children without any problems.