Minky Premium 380 g/ms

Plush Minky is a special fabric also because of its surprising appearance. Minky balls, Minki dots, only Minky. Children love them, and adults can not pass by them indifferently. The fabric of Minki is tempting like no other fabric. Simply put, we can not take this pleasure to wrap our children in the Minky fabric.

We must stress that Minky products are universal. We reach Minky without any worries throughout the year. In the autumn-winter period the most important is the weight and heat that Polar Minky guarantees. In the summer we appreciate Minky for the fact that it does not cause overheating of the baby, which is why the Minky blanket in the summer is perfect for morning and evening walks, as a cover after bathing the baby, or as a traditional wrapper for a small child who just needs to have.