Christmas Designs

Holidays are around us and how pleasant it is to feel their joyful magic at home! The holiday season is associated with a warm, family atmosphere, the scent of gingerbread and delicious dishes, and the beauty of Christmas decorations. The Antex online store presents a wide range of Christmas, Easter and Christmas fabrics. Here you will find the perfect fabric for every possible holiday and celebration! Christmas trees, Christmas balls, Reindeer, Bunnies, Eggs, Flowers, Folk Ornaments, Bells, Snowflakes and more!

Christmas fabrics and decorations

Fabrics with Christmas patterns will be perfect for the living room, dining room and children's room. Take care of the Christmas atmosphere in your apartment now! Christmas fabrics purchased as decorations before Christmas should be selected in red, burgundy, navy blue and white colors, gold-plated and silver-plated fabrics are welcome. The classic of these colors fits into any interior, and its versatility can be used by everyone. The best choice of decorations will be to buy fabrics with a Christmas motif in our store!

Christmas bedding for a child

Christmas fabrics are a great alternative to regular cotton as bedding fabric. The Christmas or Easter bedding taken out once a year during the holiday season will additionally strengthen the foretaste of the upcoming holidays. It is a perfect material even for children's bedding! The highest quality and safety of the offered fabrics is confirmed by the special Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex badge: this means that these fabrics are completely safe for children, allergy sufferers and people with allergies.