Cotton white spots on turquoise background View larger

Cotton white spots on turquoise background

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Bawełna grochy białe na turkusowym tle


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All our cotton fabrics in our offer is a guarantee of the highest quality. The priority for us is the comfort of our customers, looking for good quality and colorful cotton fabrics, both for children and adults. Cotton patterned is perfect for decorative elements, bed linen, tablecloths, baby accessories, and is perfect for creating full dresses like dresses, but also perfect for scarves, hats and scarves. These can be colored pillow cases, subtle bed linen, bedspreads. This is an excellent fabric for children. Our cotton is OEKO-TEX certified.

Cotton prints Cotton printsWash to 40 degrees
Wash to 40 degrees

100 % cotton COMPOSITION: 100 % cotton

Do not bleach Do not bleach

weight of material
WEIGHT: 130 gms/m2

Hot iron with maximum tempreature of 200 ° C
Hot iron with maximum tempreature of 200 ° C

material width  WIDTH: 160 cm

Do not clean it chemically Do not clean it chemically
1 piece = current meter
1 piece = current meter = 1,6 m2
1 meter current = width x length of fabric
Do not dry Do not dry

Oeko-Tex quality certificateCotton fabric from which you can sew beautiful baby bedding is Oeko-Tex quality certificate issued by the Institute of Textiles in Lodz, so it is safe even for small children. Printed cotton is ideal as a fabric for children's room decorations and for bed linen and baby blankets.


Breathable Breathablelasting color Paste Colorecological material Ecological
Antistatic AntistaticSafe for children Safe for childrenunstretchable Inextensible

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